Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Rebel.


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This bi-monthly newsletter is full of information about the American Motors Corporation, member profiles, automobile information and tips, want ads, parts for sale, cars for sale and more!

The Great Lakes Classic AMC Club is affiliated with the National American Motors Owners Association. Each year an International American Motors Owners Convention is held from  to Sedona, Arizona, to Boston, MA, to Auburn, Indiana, to South Caroina, to Cleavland, OH in 2015, and then to Rockford IL.

We support other AMC clubs in the area. Great Lakes Classic AMC Club members participate in the national shows as well as regional and local AMC shows. We also get together for other local car shows and fundraisers suggested by members throughout the year.

Becoming a member of the Great Lakes Classic AMC Club is a great way to meet fellow enthusiasts, get involved, and help preserve the great American Motors Corporation automobiles of the past. Call today for more information.