Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Rebel.

AMC Engine Paint


Choose from a variety of plaques from various years'
"Motor City All Family AMC Show."

GLCAC Dash Plaques


T-Shirts with the GLCAC club logo. In Matador Red.

Sizes for all.

GLCAC Club Logo T-Shirts


Club T or 2010 Show

Coffee Mugs with logos from your favorite automobile company.

AMC Coffee Mugs


Hats with the new AMC Flag club logo in Matador Red or Frost White.

One size fits all.

GLCAC Club Logo Hats


Choose Logo

AMC themed T-Shirts with designs printed on cotton shirt. Not all designs shown.



Club Member’s Cars Calendar

2013 Calendar



18” X 24” Poster Commemorating the 2010 AMO International Show and Convention Drawn by Local Artist, Jack Pennington.

2010 AMO Show Poster


Commemorative Coin in Limited Quantity, Complete your collection. Denver, Kingston, St. Louis, now Detroit.

2010 AMO Convention Coin

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